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If you have any questions, please send us a note.

In order to join this here club, the following rules must be adhered to.

1) No Rudeness towards ANY members. Use good judgment on what you say and do.

2) Please stay active in the club as much as you can, ie. submit artwork of your character, roleplay with other members , or participate in events and contests!

3) Give some constructive criticism to people here if asked, and DON'T flame. If you're not familiar with giving constructive criticism, it's vaguely 'positive aspect, room for improvement, another positive aspect.'

4) All members must have ONE, unique Troll. The Rules for creation of Trolls are as follows:

---a) Trolls must be COMPLETELY original. No ties or links to any existing characters. (I.e. Gamzee's sister, Pamzee. BE CREATIVE FOLKS TROLLS DON’T EVEN HAVE SIBLINGS.) In this club, the original 12 are GONE.

---b) In relation to above, keep your designs ORIGINAL. Yes, in this day and age it IS hard to come up with something completely new, but you CAN make them distinguishable from existing trolls. In example, avoid looking like a copy of Gamzee (that happens more than anything) and keep hair styles away from the original 12.

---c) You must submit a character sheet with your submission, or we will not add you to the list. This is to prevent non-active members. The character sheet must be submitted to YOUR deviantart account that you are applying with, not Photobucket. Commissioned character sheets submitted to the original artist's account, however, are acceptable.

---d) Characters must be troll (they can have animal-like characteristics given by their psychic powers ie, cat-like eyes and a wolfish sense of smell, but no full out animal parts, ie cat tails/ears unless they’re fake).

---e) You may have ONE toll.

--f) Keep powers to blood color, Terezi and up blood color cannot have psychic powers, just like anyone below Gamzee’s blood cannot have gills.

5) Please do your best to STAY ACTIVE We're not asking you to draw art all the time, but from time to time art or missions would be nice, to show us that you still care and want to be in. If you are not active for sometime, then we will send you an activity check note, asking you if you wish to stay in the club or not. And if you do, you must send in one piece of new art. I love all of you to death, but some activity would be nice~

6) Please under ANY circumstances do NOT EVER accuse a fellow hopeful or member of character theft without knowing ALL the facts. We do not tolerate false accusations EVER. If you ever do so you will be promptly kicked out of the club/ lost your right to join. If someone is accusing you or someone you know PLEASE contact us. IF you know someone who DID 'steal' a character with malicious intent, then also contact us. But before you do, PLEASE get all the facts from both sides, and have proof as well.

7) PLEASE do NOT REUSE OLD TROLLS. If you wanna revamp them fine, but don't just use the same troll over and over. We want to see new and fresh ideas. If you want to join the club you must make a NEW troll or at least revamp an old one so it's not just a rehash. And Please try not to submit your troll to different clubs. We can't stop you but it's a little irking.

If you have questions, note us! Comments will take longer to respond to.
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Submitted on
October 12, 2011